Need some help sleeping? my 4 methods so far.

the past couple of months, i hadn’t been sleeping well.  takes forever for me to knock out and boy it is darn annoying.  how i miss the days when all i had to… Continue reading

yes…i succumbed. call me shallow.

this evening, i succumbed.  despite my strongest efforts for a few months to rein in my desire – I could no longer fight it. well, this evening grocery shopping trip revealed just how… Continue reading

medicine for upset tummy and a whiter smile?? plus something for dog lovers at the end of the post!

Tummy’s not feeling for the past couple of days and i was glad that I bought some medicinal charcoal a week ago. heh. i shall confess. i bought the charcoal NOT in anticipation of the… Continue reading

the thing I can’t live without these days!!

This Chinese Lunar New Year is a little strange – rains like mad (I’ll actually ok with that!  weather’s much cooler though I’m glad the sun’s coming out a bit more these days… Continue reading

guess what I’m going to do with these!

as you might know, i’m not so pleased with the my DIY shampoo attemps, and the more natural shampoo – i don’t quite like cos’ it doesn’t lather well. and  in my attempts… Continue reading

Re/Upcycled (pretty!) glass bottles

call me paranoid – these days, I try to reduce the exposure to plastics in the house cos’ I don’t think it’s healthy to have food I’m going to ingest touching the plastic… Continue reading

Letting Go of Your Bananas.

Picked this book from Popular bookstore – cos’ of the catchy title.  flipped through it and the snippets I read was interesting enough, so at only $8.9 – sure, why not?  and i… Continue reading

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to you! It’s the year of the Water Snake and boy – this is truly one of the wettest Chinese New Year I recall!  It’s been raining pretty heavily… Continue reading

simple pleasures and happiness

my apologies for the lack of posts recently. not been feeling that great recently, and the horrid itch didn’t help!  yah. sad to say it’s still around.  been taking meds at night, and… Continue reading

hair treatment mask!

my hair’s feels scratchy dry lately and been curling all over the place. so i decided to do a simple hair treatment mask. and given my recent ‘DIY instead of buying commercial stuff’,… Continue reading

Recycling / Upcycling?

so I have a bottle of wonderful smelling yet ineffective deodorant.   seems like a waste to throw the bottle away cos’ it smells really good.  so i kept it around for a… Continue reading

Yummy Salad @ Tossz, China Square

Normally I’m not a salad person, but whenever I am in the area, I would pop by Tossz at China square cos’ I find their salads amazing! (probably more that the selection that… Continue reading


yes floss – the thing you use between your teeth. funny how it can even be interesting enought to warrant a blog post.  then again, i’m a geek. so…. all along I never knew… Continue reading

DIY shampoo

Just the other day – the hb mentioned that he felt the shampoo I ‘made’ for him (essentially just diluted Dr Bronner Lavender castille soap) didn’t work so well, and he felt that… Continue reading

Lip Balm for super cheap!

i suppose you know the feeling when you fly – lips start to become dry or crack due to the dry cabin air and you desperately need that tube of lip balm to… Continue reading

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