Hello world!

woot!  finally I got myself down to creating a (new) blog – to write about things and stuff I love!

I am always excited whenever I find a good product or gadget or well anything that works fabulously – and can go on and on and on about how great something i used is!  of course – different people have different interests and so much as I would lloooooovvvvveee to go on about say – some skin care product that I just found – I have to be mindful not to bore my dear friends cos’ well – they may not have the same interests.  one of my friends label my ‘obsession’ with skin care ‘bimbo talk’.  haha.  yes yes. a little bimbo, but hey! must take care of skin mah! besides, who wouldn’t want to get rid of white heads and pimples and keep our skin in decent shape?

still I gotta find an outlet to rave about what I love ….so here it is – I decided it shall be my personal blog. ha!  I am a fairly geeky gal, so bear with me if i rant.  Oh yes, of cos – it’s not limited to just things, but also living breathing creatures – like my darling cats and my family dog.

so what would I be gushing about?  I have loads of things I love and maybe in these categories…

  • Skin care
  • Gadgets for home
  • Accessories for home
  • Cleaning (crazy as it sounds – I LOVE cleaning as I find it super therapeutic!)
  • Blogs I love
  • blah blah blah…for all the things I haven’t thought about yet.

okay! that’s it for now!  can’t wait to start gushing in the next few days!