How To Get Rid Of That Sticky Residue After You Peel Off The Price Tag Off A Book.

Okay, if you have as itchy fingers like me and can’t help peeling off the price tag off a book – and are left with a mess of sticky residue and remnants of label left on the book – fret not!  It may seem impossible to get it off (cos’ I tried to rub and rub and rub with a wet paper towel to no avail!).

The remnants are no big deal to most sane and normal people – but if you are as anal as me – those sticky remains are reaalllly distracting.  Plus it’s a magnet in attracting grime and dirt and fur (if you have cats like me).  So here’s a really simple yet effective solution I found on the internet! (boy I sure LOVE the internet for the hordes of information!).

  1. if you have baby powder – dust it over the label. (if you don’t – it’s okay to skip this step.  the powder i find is just to ‘dry’ the top layer and make it less sticky to work with)
  2. dust off the excess powder.
  3. use an ….ERASER!!  oh gosh! how simple right!!
  4. rub and rub and rub away!
  5. sticky residue GONE!!
  6. smile! cos’ now your world is just that little bit better.:)

This applies if you are working on a paper base surface.  For most other surfaces, usually I will use lighter fluid or alcohol – but I didn’t want to risk ‘melting’ or smearing the ink on the book cover.

Another thing to note!  Alcohol or lighter fluid NOT good on plastic! It will kindda ‘burn’ the clear plastic and well…look pretty gross. How do I know? See what I did….haaa..

Left: Clear Plastic (i.e. normal) Right: Destroyed Plastic after I tried to remove sticky residue with alcohol / lighter fluid!

Close up of destroyed plastic. See how clear it originally was on the left side of the photo? No big deal cos’ the plastic is just a container for my nit nacks – but do take care if you are attempting to clean stuff with lighter fluid! It might just ‘burn’ certain materials!