Cleaning Your iMAC Keyboard

I love my iMac keyboard – the white clean streamline look, the soothing ‘clicking’ sound while you are typing away and also the ease and comfort with its ‘flat-ness’… if you know what i mean.

The only thing is that it gets dirty really easily.  I contemplated buying a keyboard guard, but at the ridiculous price of SGD 40+ for that thin piece of plastic – no thank you. Plus, i’m not sure whether it affects the typing feel.  So naturally after a couple of months – my keyboard got greyer and greyer  – not the lovely pristine white as before.  and the grime was super distracting (for me!).

can you see the specks of grey?

Figured that since the marks on the keyboard were probably due to the oils from our fingers – I thought maybe the kitchen cleaner might just do the trick….and it did!  Check out the before and after photos below!  and now – my keyboard looks as good as new!   plus – it’s darn easy to wipe of the grease!  didn’t even have to use any force.  I just lightly wiped it across the keyboard!

Magic Clean to the rescue! It’s formulated to target grime, which was what was making my keyboard dirty.

check out the key ‘J’ – top left was wiped a little – see how clean it compares to the rest of the key! and see the dirt marks on the number ‘7’!

ta-da! all nice and clean now!:)