Resources I Love

as you probably noticed, I changed the ‘design’ of my blog.

I wanted to share some of online resources I find useful – so that readers / visitors can easily see if it applies to them. As the previous template had some layout / color / font restrictions, i went to explore some of the other free themes.

but boy or boy – it made me feel so old during the process!!!  I encountered some layout issues, went to the theme and help and forum sections, and after 2 hours of reading/testing – finally figured it out!   And it made me think ‘huh. am i getting slow?’ and that made me worry a bit. To console myself – I’ll just make myself believe that  instructions were not clear…ermm…right.’

Anyway, i subscribe to some online newsletters and I love opening the emails for the bite sized nuggets of info. It is a useful reminder for me to be more aware of my surroundings and to appreciate the simple things in life.

and no – not any paid advert.  I’m sharing cos’ I enjoy reading it and if you think it’s something you would find beneficial, then good for you!  Here are some snapshots of the emails they send.   I will slowly start adding more links on the right hand column, so it would be easy for you to quickly see what might interest you.  Of course, as with all information – please filter and see what works for you!

Daily Burst of Energy

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