soap dispenser – you may wanna note if you are buying a metal pump one!

i was on the hunt for a soap dispenser for a couple of months.   before, i always thought it was strange why one would need a soap dispenser – after all, the soaps all come prepacked in the plastic pumps already – wasn’t a soap pump unnecessary?  ha…now i know better!  cos’ very simply – soap pumps look prettier than the plastic ones!

I was trying to be eco-friendly and reduce the wastage by buying refills, and the plastic container just didn’t look pretty.  Remember the quote by William Morris?

so it took me many months before i finally found a pretty yet decently priced one at SQ FT at Tampines Mall.  It met my requirement of being less than SGD 15!  Still I hesitated for a bit cos’ it’s  not exactly a necessity, then I thought ‘hey! it’s been on my mind for months, and now that it appeared before me – I should not do myself a diservice by ignoring it!’

so i bought this pretty little dispenser.:)

pretty huh! i chose the red for the burst of color – just gives you that little bit of energy in the morning!:)

it works really well and pumps very nicely, and the color is great!  Thing is…after I poured the soap in – there is a very strong metallic smell…which puts me off cos’ i have a nose of a dog sometimes.


  • i LOVE everything about it!  good price, looks good, nice color.
  • BUT the soap reacts to the metal pump and smells bad.   I googled and couldn’t find much information – the only one that mentioned the metallic smell said it seems like it’s the fragrance in the hand soap that reacts with the metal.

if you have a SUPER nose, you may wanna take note.  but if you are not bothered by smells generally (my husband can’t really detect any smell, but it’s too strong for me!) – then a metal pump one would probably work fine for you.   If you have a super nose, then maybe better to get a plastic pump or if you are using organic soaps – i think should be okay metal or plastic (let me know please!)

so now  I can either buy a new dispenser that has plastic pump (not so keen) OR buy a soap that doesn’t have fragrances and is probably better for our skin anyway.

undecided….so in the meanwhile, i went back to my plastic pump.  sad. i love the red pump and still leave it on my sink! next to the ugly plastic one. haaa….