Pimples! My way of tackling them!

this will be one of my rambles on skin care – one of my favourite topics!

I have been blessed with a relatively pimple/acne free complexion (save for a recent memory of a horrible terrible HUGE pimple years ago – almost 1 cm diameter at the bottom of my nose!  morbidly I snapped a photo of the scar – maybe to remind me that it was really THAT huge! *shudder* and no, i shall not gross any of you out by posting it here. kekeke…that would be funny though!).

However in the past year – I had a period where pimples kept popping around my nose and I was a tad upset cos’ it left faint albeit visible marks on my nose and it looked well…distracting.  and before the mark completely fades – POP! another comes along.  I was trying hard to pin point what caused the pimple outbreak and I can only weakly assume it’s either

  1. hot humid environment – when I used to bake frequently for orders
  2. loose powder  – i was using to reduce the shine of applying sunblock.
  3. some other reason – but i just haven’t figured it out…maybe getting older? hmm…

So I tried clay masks, dead sea mud mask soap, exfoliating 2-3 times a week, and the pimples still popped!  boy….was it really annoying.  Then I started using Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum, and much as I’m a cynic at times (normally I don’t buy the major cosmetics products as I feel that I am paying more for the marketing and advertising costs than the product itself) – it really really worked!  at least for me!  the marks went away quicker and the pimples stopped for a period!  plus it feels good – to be trying to protect my skin from aging!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum – thank you to the people who created this wonderful product!

Though I have to disclaim – the pimples unfortunately came back for a little while – i suspect it’s because I changed my loose powder and maybe maybe the new powder included micro/nano particles and with the heat of the kitchen, probably clogged my pores. I think.   The nano particles really gave a smoother finish – but ney – not worth the pimples, and to think about it – being nano sized means it’s easier to go into my blood stream huh?  Okay – to the dustbin!  Note to self:  Please remember to look at ingredients list!

Love the packaging and the finish it gave – but i suspect it caused my pimples. The sales lady said it contained nano particles, hence the smooth finish – but couldn’t find much information on the ingredients / packaging.  It was also an impluse buy and i didn’t read the ingredient list until much later and i vaguely remember being horrified. then again….i suspect most commercial products contain less than desired ingredients.

Still, i do get pimples – albeit a lot less now.   You know when a pimple is about to erupt – that small but painful bump under your skin, you may wanna try what my sister recommended – Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment and it works!  I generously dot the area with the cream before the pimple even has a chance to appear, and instead of an angry red burst of pimple erupting – a small red dot appears.  It’s a drying cream – so dab it only on the pimple area – else your skin will flake.