home made hair gel

my sis-in-law made a simple DIY hair gel months ago, and gave us a bottle.

‘oh?  you made it yourself?’ was my initial surprised response.  In this age and time – normally we buy whatever we need – we have mostly lost touch with making things on our own.  In the frenzied lives most live in – the convenience is very much desired..  BUT…it’s really simple to make!  No more than 15 mins of your time and it is wayyyyyyyyy wayyyyyy better than the commercial ones.

My husband tested the hair gel, and here’s what we observed!


  • sufficient holding power – quite similar to the commercial hair gels he was previously using (of course – he has short hair and it tends to ‘stand’ on its own and  just needs some help staying put.  I tried it too and it’s okay if you are looking for a more natural look.  definitely not enough holding power to really style hair.  I use store bought hair clay when I need to style it a little.
  • scalp smells better and i believe it’s also healthier – before when the hb was using the commercial hair gels, there was a smell from his scalp!  Now, the smell is significantly reduced, and on most days – no chemicaly smell anymore!  i can only think this is good for his scalp!
  •  easy / cheap / fast to make – previously a bottle of his hair gel costs about SGD 7-8 and can lasts him a month and a half.  now, I make a bottle for him once every month, and I don’t even know how to calculate the cost!  probably < SGD 1??  and it’s a dollar cos’ I use essential oils which is the expensive part (then again, if you order online – it would be even cheaper!)


  • personally i think it’s none. – probably  the 15 mins you have to spend on making the gel?  but i find the process therapeutic…

so after he finished the bottle, I promised him to make a new batch for him.  and boy is it simple!!

all you need?

  1. flaxseed
  2. water
  3. essential oil (optional – it supposedly helps to keep your hair gel longer.  i personally love the nice burst of smell!)
  4. sieve (or pantyhose – see video below!)
  5. container for your finished product!:)


a video says a thousand words – so this youtube video was what I referred to!  Instead of the pantyhose, I used a sieve .  have fun making your DIY hair gel!

I got this huge pack for less than $4! and to make each batch of flaxseed, I only use a tablespoon or so…so I’m guessing this pack will last me years!  since i’m not ingesting it – i think i can risk going beyond the expiry date. hehe. 

This is the expensive part – this small bottle costs about $25 or so. The essential oils are supposed to keep your hair gel good for longer. Of course, if you just wanna try w/o the essential oils – it’s okay – just make a small batch and keep your hair gel in the fridge.

ta-da! home-made DIY hair gel!  i make small batches at time…and this round, i made it a thicker consistency on request of the hb.:)