CD Baby

A couple of days ago – i stumbled upon a website by David Sivers and LOVED LOVED LOVED his animation!

this is just one of the many cute ones!

Essentially the videos on his website are extracts from his book ‘Anything You Want’.  I borrowed the book from the library and it is a really quick read – you can easily complete  it in under 1.5 hours.

What amazes me is that he accidently stumbled upon a business, worked and grew it, sold it for 22 million, and gave most of the money away.  from the book, i gathered he knew himself very well – well enough to know that even more money doesn’t make him happy.  Of course it is something we all need to survive – but his ability to detach from it and keep enough for himself without being too attached is amazing.  Lesson I took away is that money itself doesn’t make you happier.  of course a certain level is required to ensure you have less worries – beyond that  – we all need to know how to be happy regardless.

I was out running errands today and many times I found myself uttering thanks for the many small things in my life – my wonderful cats that keep me happy, my family, the pretty red flowering tree just outside my flat, good cold blasting aircon on the bus, the fact that I am born in a wonderful country and many many others.  when you start being thankful, amazingly it becomes easier to recognize the good things in your life.

If you happen to come across this book – do pick it up and give it a read.  for me – there were many good lessons within the book – of course, everyone interprets information in their own way – but I hope you enjoy it regardless!:)

hahaha…much as the boy is cute – i dont’ really get the cover, but heck! it’s a happy cover!:)