awwww man!

okay – this is a quick ‘awwww man’ rant!

just a few days ago – I was talking about pimples – and now I have a new one again – right under my nose! boo hoo!  it looks like several small blisters – all soooooo close together it’s like one HUUUuuuugee one.  trust me – i just measured – 1 cm wide, 0.8 cm long.

thanks to my earlier post – I remembered to quickly apply the Neutrogena On-the-Spot!  very painful – there’s a biting feeling – I take it as a good thing!  It’s killing all the bacteria and trying to dry the pus.  hee…lucky I don’t have to step out of the house too much these few days! hee…

anyway, I think I caused it by scratching my face with my fingers…and my nails are probably full of germs. boo.  anyway, lesson to remind myself – DO NOT SCRATCH FACE WITH FINGERS – USE A TISSUE IF ITCHY!!

okay. end of rant.  remember – if you have an itch – use a tissue yah!  cos’ you would want to keep your skin beautiful!:)