thankful for everything.

sorry for the lack of posts recently!

was busy settling the kitchen and was pre occuppied with selling the equipment, settling rental stuff, logistics of moving stuff back home, etc.  plus being the anal me – once things were back home – i HAD to repack them nicely and neatly.  I get really affected by my surroundings – that could explain why I’m a little OCD at times.  Although, on convenience, my OCD can be switched off! heh. like my messy desk. and especially paperwork!  I will be tackling them soon though! at least i started!


Well now that I have everything settled – I honestly have to admit – I feel a lot happier! perhaps from the immense sense of relief from trying to get enough sales each month to cover operational costs!  I love baking – though it’s a tad different baking for yourself vs baking for for sale.  I am a advocate of using the best ingredients we can.  On the other hand,  for business, you need profits to survive and continue providing a service.   Plus, I’m not so great at business.

I’m decently good at baking simple straight forward desserts though!:)  Our brownies got covered on Her World magazine ’90 best desserts in Singapore’! woo hoo!  it’s wonderful to have an external party recognize and appreciate the your love and passion you put in your work!  not every one loves my brownies cos’ they are really fudgy and chocolaty, but hey – that’s exactly the reason why many others love them! haha.

we got mentioned 2 out of 3 – our dark chocolate cranberry and swirled cheese brownie! not bad aei. heh. top right of page under brownies!

now that I am taking a break until I decide what I’m going to do next – I am grateful for the extra time to spend some time to help my parents tidy and pack their house.   Much as they may not be as fussy about their surroundings as me – I helped give parts of the house a good clean!  vacuuming, washing, decluttering, rearranging —  allowing more natural light to come into the house and a better energy flow!  I would like to think that makes my mum and dad happier.

and….it makes me very happy to do something for them.  They have been extremely supportive of me – never questioning or asking me too much – fetching me home on days I had to bake late into the night, and always being there for me.

Being Asian, expressing in words is awkward and uncomfortable….so doing things for them is my way of saying ‘I love you and am very grateful for you loving me as unconditionally as you do’ – though you will NEVER catch me saying that.  Too corny lah. and a tad cheesy.  I rather say it through my actions.

Have you done something for your parents recently?   It can be your own special way to say ‘thank you’ and ‘i love you’ – whatever works for you.:)