happy *blissful smile*

it’s been a while since I last baked for orders  (since I had closed the brownie business) and recently took an order cos’ I was free and I just received an SMS from the customer that she and her family loved the brownie!:)  hee!  it’s a small thing – but it sure made my day!  I am so happy that the brownie cake made her husband’s birthday celebration that bit nicer and well….we all need that assurance from time to time (read: a nice boost for my ego. haaa….think i needed it!)

also this afternoon – I was on the packed filled bus and a kind elderly lady was looking and nodding to me – to ask if I wanted her seat.  I was a little shocked and didn’t know how to respond cos’ I am young and was perplexed at why she wanted to give her seat to me.   pardon the egg head here cos’ I had probably ~ 3 hours of restless sleep and probably feeling not so sharp…  so i gave a smile and politely declined with a gentle shake of the head.  turns out that she was alighting and wanted to give me priority over the other school kids……heh.

these were small events, but the small kind gestures from these ladies made my day and really humbled me.   generally I prefer animals over humans cos’ they are simpler and not complicated.  and these gestures were simple yet they somehow touched me and have more faith in the human race!