on the smelly topic of….deordorants!

ok…i’m gonna share with you something embrassing…. my smelly pits!  sorry to gross you..but it’s a real stinky issue that I have to deal with – especially with the warm humid weather here in singapore.  no kidding since average relative humidity level is in the 80+%!  on a positive note – the high humidity has its benefits for people with dry skin – keeps the skin hydrated and looking young!  on the flip side – encourages mouldy food, mould in cupboards, and skin issues like pimples from all the clogged pores (prob from the heat!)….ah well…i’m digressing!

i wish I could smell as good as theses lovlies!

i wish I could smell as good as theses lovlies!

I found myself smelling less than great, and then slowly but surely, progessed to smelling really stinko! Eons ago, I lasered the hair on my pits – and a wonderful side effect was that I stayed stink free for a good 3-4 years (yes, really that long!)! I figured the stink sweat follicles got blasted and got laid to rest for a while!:)

When I started smelling a bit, I used a off-the-shelf deordorant daily, and after a year or so – had a lump under my pits!  I went to see a doctor – the lady doctor checked and even commented my breasts felt lumpy.   She gave me a pill (she said it contained papaya extract) and after a while, the lump went away – of course I stopped the deordorant too.

Since then, I found that there are some pretty horrible substances in the usual deordorants and antiperspirants which are bad for our health!   Here are some quick info so that you can take note and avoid them if you can!

1. aluminum

there are deodorants, and antiperspirants.  antiperspirants usually contain aluminum-based compounds are used as the active ingredient in antiperspirants. These compounds form a temporary plug within the sweat duct that stops the flow of sweat to the skin’s surface.

there’s quite a bit written about aluminum – from causing breast cancer due to antiperspirants to alzhimers by ingesting it.  of course, it’s up to the individual to decide whether to believe it or not – and I choose to – simply because avoiding aluminum is something I’m more than willing to do, as compared to the possibility of damaging my health.  cancer? alzhimers? ney.  no thanks. It’s not worth risking my health.

that’s why I don’t cook anything in aluminum directly, avoid carbonated drinks in aluminum cans, etc. You might be amazed to know that they are even present in some medicines (antacids!) and vaccines!  gosh.

2. parabens.

parabenparabens are usually used to preserve in cosmetics – to prevent bacterial and fungi in our cosmetics and lotions…and sometimes even food!!!  they are used essentially cos’ they are effective and cheap.  but apparently they disrupt your hormones, and are linked to cancers.

The alumiunum and parabens freaked me out so much scary – for a while, I even went without deordorant!  *gasp* true story.  During that time I felt horrible!  after a short time out of the house, I already smelt bad, and it was horrible!  I was conscious not to raise my arms as I sure as hell didn’t want to assualt someone’s poor nose!

So in my zealous quest to become stink free and at the same time make sure I take care of my health – here are the deordorants I have tried!

1.  Khiels

khiel deodorant

khiel deodorant

I can’t exactly remember what was on the ingredient list that made me throw it away after I got my Su Kin deordorant, but i think there was some aluminum in it (I threw it away already – so am unable to check the ingredient list). I recalled I bought it cos’ it stated “Orange, Lemon and Linseed Extract” – so I naturally assumed it was all natural.  Not so.  Still have to read the ingredients list.  Other than that – it worked decently, though a little wet upon application.

Ingredient list:  I threw it away.  can’t exactly remember what was on the ingredient list that made me do it – so it’s a fail for me.

Smell control:  7.5/10.  not bad.  kept me from smelling too bad.  medium control.  not for heavy duty sweating!  

dry factor: 5/10.  a slight wet sticky feeling upon application…and throughout the day – slight dampness or a grosser term – slimy.  

2. Su Kin

Sukin deodorant

Sukin deodorant


When I first used it – the thing I note was the nice pleasant smell.  and it was really easy to use – just spray and it dries pretty fast.

down side?   NOT effective – at least not for me! to be fair, my friend says it works for her. so maybe I just smell wayyy too bad.   In fact, I thought it made me even SMELLIER!  cos’ you know – my stinko sweat PLUS other stuff = SMELLIER than ever pits.

Smell control:  1/10. gosh. dont’ stand near me on a hot humid day! or after I’ve been baking! you will faint. 

dry factor: 7.0/10.  dries pretty quicky upon application, and doesn’t have a slimy after feel compared to Khiels.   






3. Honey Tree

Honeybee deodorant powder

Honeybee deodorant powder


initially I didn’t quite like it – it was too jasminely for my liking and well…not my cup of tea.  after a while, I got used to the smell, and it was okay.

It’s a powder form.  texture’s a little coarse but acceptable.

smell control:   4/10 . better than Su Kin but I still stank after a while or if the weather’s too hot. 

dry factor: 7.5/10.  






4. Soapwalla!

soapwalla deodorant cream

soapwalla deodorant cream

i heard so many raves about soapwalla’s deordorant and in my desperate attempt to not smell so bad, I wanted to ship in from the US, but shipping was a killer!  luckily Rachel, the owner directed me to a online shop in Singapore! Poppibleu!

It is a cream that you apply – and was slightly surprised that it was coarse – similar to Honey Tree.  it is acceptable, but was a little surprised as I expected a smooth cream.  easy to apply.

smell control: 9.5/10!!!! went cycling and there was no smell!!!! no kidding!  oh my gosh, I sooooo happy to finally find something that will let me stay stink free!  thank you thank you thank you!

dry factor:  9/10!  strangely even though it’s a cream – i think there is some clay or something in the cream – when you apply – it’s not wet, and throughout my cycling – didn’t feel any wetness! 

So TA DA – MY LOVE!!!!! SOOOOOoooo happy to have found this deodorant!


5. Magnesium oil 

Read from somewhere that magnesium oil spray thing is able to double up as a deodorant so I will just try that the next time I get my hands on some!:)