simple homemade cure for headaches! almost instant relief!

An instant cure for headaches!  who knew that the secret is just residing in ingredients from our kitchen??? and it even beat a fancy cream that has more than a dozen ingredients!

You would have to pardon my enthusiasm, but I’m so amazed at how effective a simple DIY headache cure works!  and my consultant?  google search!

The husband suffers from headaches from time to time, and usually it lingers from a couple of hours to over a few days.

sucks to have a lingering headache

sucks to have a lingering headache

Usually he applies Origin’s Peace of Mind – which helps provide relief, though the headache is still present albeit less intense.  It contains Eucalyptus oil, so there is this mentholy-cooling effect after you apply (strangely, if you apply and massage the skin, the menthol effect doesn’t work.  not so sure why.  so you gotta leave the cream alone to do its work)

Origin's Peace of Mind

so I helped the husband apply some, and the headache wasn’t any better.   I went to google to see what else could possibly help – and I stumbled back onto this simple DIY solution!




cinnamon powder + warm water = paste.

apply paste on forehead and temple and that’s it!

initially husband said he didn’t feel anything when I first applied it on his head….then suddenly he said ‘pain pain pain’.  The cinnamon paste was apparently heating up to the point of it being painful.  Lucky he bit the pain and left it on (at this point, he said he had less pain from the headache, but figured the heat from the cinnamon paste was distracting him).

The real reward came about 5 – 10 minutes, when the heat from the cinnamon paste slowly subsided and became bearable.  So I asked the obvious question ‘so still got headache?’…..and he said ‘no’ – the headache was gone! just from cinnamon + water!! gosh.  washed the paste off after a few more mintues…and headache remained gone!!!  true story. It happened a few hours ago!

p/s:  I tried some on my forehead to test if really that painful, and from someone who normally has a high threshold for pain – it was indeed bordering on painful hot.

So the next time you or a family member has a headache, you can try this method!  Provided you are not allergic to cinnamon of course.  But do be prepared for some painful heat – we figure it’s the cinnamon making the blood vessels dilate and probably helped the blood move and removing the cause of the headache!

boy oh boy!  I’m still amazed!

cinnamon powder

I actually bought this cinnamon powder from phoon huat to make my usual oatmeal raisin cookies – but felt that the cinnamon smell was not as good as the usual Mccormick I used – so I kept this one aside…and boy was it useful today!