Malki Black Mud Mask Soap

It’s hard to buy my dad presents cos’ the things he loves are gadgets and electronic stuff….and I know nuts about them.  My eyes go a dead blank when my dad enthusiastically tells me the exciting new features of his latest purchase.  i try to listen, but man…it can get hard. probably the same way his eyes go blank when I enthusiastically tell him how i helped cleaned his flat.

So I was pleasantly surprised when my dad loved a small gift that I bought him…and surprise surprise…it’s not any electronic stuff…’s a bar of soap!

I bought a Black Mud Soap for my dad about a year or so ago to try, and he ended up really loving it!

Malki Black Sea Mud Mask

Malki Black Sea Mud Mask

I was pretty surprised by his enthusiasm  – he says his skin feels very clean after he uses this soap, and even uses it as a shampoo!

Also got one for the hb to use – to replace the commercial facial wash and when I asked him “how?” – he had the most boring answer “ok lor”.  and “ok lor” from the hb is a decent rating.   And surprise surprise – it double ups as a shaving cream too!  I read it online and asked him to try it  just last week and he says it works!  So now he doesn’t need to use shaving cream loaded with hard-to-read-and-understand ingredients!  and saves money too from one less unnecessary purchase!

Personally I don’t have any personal preference for the soap.  Works alright for me, didn’t do anything out-of-the-world for me.  Smell?  I don’t like it (it is called mud for a reason) But I guess this soap works well for people with oily skin like my dad and hb.

You can get the bar from Real Foods or Zenxin, but it’s really really expensive at $17.80 per bar!   My dad ran out of the soap really fast, so I went to search if there was a cheaper option and I managed to buy it online for about a third of the price!!! and that is even after currency conversion and shipping (then again, I did buy 30 bars to make shipping viable!).   I just checked and the company I ordered from went….bust!  Lucky I got it early!  I guess I will have to start my search again when my dad runs low…which will probably take a while!