tiring fun day

Today the hb and I cycled to a flower shop near our home and got a bigger pot for our plant, more soil and a lipstick.  Yup, you read it right – we got lipstick from the florist.  Here’s proof!:)

see - lipstick!

see – lipstick!

okay….i’m sure you are curious and wanna take a look – here’s the lipstick we bought!:)




pretty ain't it?:)  the flowers are flute like - very pretty.:)

pretty ain’t it?:) the flowers are flute like – very pretty.:)

kekeke…the lipstick is actually a plant.  it caught our eyes cos’ it looks so pretty with the leaves overflowing down…and it sold itself when we saw the pretty flute like flowers!  🙂

We went to the florist cos’ my neighbour was telling me that our plant needed a bigger pot as the roots were not having enough space – so we went to get a bigger one…..and i re-potted it all by myself!   but i sure stank like crazy after all the cycling and re-potting!:)  what a simple yet really fun day!

potted plant

from a boring red plastic to a nice black (and bigger) ceramic pot – i hope the added space and fresh new soil will help it grow better!