toxics in our daily products and an easy way to change

over the past few months – i slowly but surely embarked on a quest to become healthier – in terms of the things I use in my house.

many reasons – big and minuscule led me to this journey.  started when a friend had health scare which made me more particular about certain ingredients in my deodorant. partly I was trying to reduce consumption, simplify my life, have more time to read and also of my easily irritated skin.

it can be kindda scary when you first start noticing the ingredients in your daily products – from your shampoo, body soap, hand wash, etc and see the list of scary ingredients.  aluminum, parabens, tricolsan, etc.

So I started to see if I could replace the commercial products without burning a hole in the pocket.   and the happiest thing i found out??  switching to a healthier option – does not need to be expensive!  (you know when you step into organic shops that tout to sell healthier products?  ironically i get an unhealthy heart palpitation when 1 see the prices!)

In fact, if you shop at the right places, it can actually be even cheaper than the commercial stuff at supermarkets!   I’ve changed my hand soap, and am in the process of doing it for my parents too –  shared the info with my sis and cousin too and when they realised that it’s a healthier option which is also more economical and smells darn good as well – it was easy for them to start trying.  some stuff I DIY – like my husband’s hair gel which in fact made his scalp smelll wayyyyy better and in fact he said his hair is softer!  There are more I wanna try – just haven’t start on it yet!

smell nice

So I started a page to list the places where I shop – as my own personal reference list and also to share this info with you.  At the moment – both stores are online shops so they are able to provide better prices generally.  Will be building the list as I go exploring around!  Go check  it out if you are keen to start greening de-chemicalizing (yes, my own word) your home and whether it can help you save that bit too.

for your info, I am not a hardcore wellness person (at least at this moment) – I seldom buy organic stuff (maybe only 10%?), have stuff I’m unwilling to give up  my morning coffee!) and probably have a couple of products that I intentionally don’t screen cos’ i don’t want to know…yet!  (like my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Recovery Serum cos’ it helps heal my skin when I have those annoying pimples!), household products I love (bleach! to kill those nasty flies that reside in the drainage holes and for my toilet bowl), etc.

so I am by no means an expert.  My intention is very simple – reduce the nasties in my life and for my family so that we can stay healthier.   I would encourage you to try it – it takes just a little initial effort and the benefits of a healthier body / environment?  priceless.