itchy itchy itchy!

these past few days I’ve been plagued by a horrendous itch!

and i suspect it’s the sweet potatoes I’ve been eating.  not a 100% sure, but that’s the only difference since the itch started – which is kindda sad cos’ I am trying to switch to a healthier middle-of-day/midnight snack rather than the high sodium campbell soup and not-healthy instant noodles.   anyhow, i’m laying off them and hope my itch goes away!

sweet potato

i try my darnest to resist scratching but ooooo….the instant relief is so irresitable…initially!  then that gives way to pain since your skin can only take so much abrasion.  no fun.

anyhow, if you ever suffer from an unbearable itch, you can try what I did…

1. ice cubes!  in a plastic bag and apply to your itch area and waaaaaahhhh…..instant relief!

ice cubes

2.  lotions

between the calamine and tea tree antiseptic cream – i actually prefer the calamine – it is a chalk like liquid, and when it dries – i find the powdery film left behind actually acts as a layer of protection from my fingers when I go into auto scratch mode!

The tea tree provides only mild relief but it’s good if you need to get out of the house and don’t want people staring at you – wondering what’s that white film (that the calamine lotion leaves behind) on you!

my life savers!

my life savers!

okay – i shall sign off now and go back to applying ice!  arrrrghhhh….so itchy!!!