the BEST laundry solution for me so far!

a few years ago, my dad bought me a laundry ball.  supposedly you  throw the ball into your laundry sans detergent, and it would well…do your laundry.  only thing? it didn’t do it so well.  and i am embrassed to say my sweat’s pretty potent especially on hot humid days…which is  320 out of 365 days.

so back to the normal detergent i went.

This was the exact one my dad passed me.

This was the exact one my dad passed me.

and then recently, my skin started acting up again – the usual itch on my arms.  have no idea what might be causing it since I am already using a milder body soap, don’t use too much detergent in my laundry and generally been eating the same.

so in my usual mindless surfing (sometimes the hb asks what I’m doing…and really – it’s fb, blog, emails and just mindless surfing…which in my defence, unveils some gems at times!), I chanced upon soapnuts.  so I asked my beloved google search and it said that soapnuts were supposedly better for sensitive skin, reduces your need for fabric softener, environmentally better, economical, and blah blah blah.

since it’s good for my skin, the earth and my health. oh what the heck – i went to get some nuts. here, take a look at my nuts!  *yes yes, i AM corny*



I wasn’t pinning too much hope on the soapnuts to wash well given the dreadful experience with the laundry balls.  And after trying it for a couple of weeks, they actually turn out to be not too bad!:)  clothes ARE cleaned (no sweat smell), and they really are soft despite not using fabric softener! and pyschologically  i felt better not using the normal chemical detergent!

it’s really simple – all i did was pour boiling water and let soapnuts seep (about 5 – 7 soapnuts), and after ten minutes, throw the water into the washing machine, and the bag of soapnuts as well, and just wash as usual.

there is a vinegary smell of the soapnuts.  took me a couple of wash to get used to them but once the clothes are dried – the smell is gone.  so really – only the smell ain’t so great.  you could use essential oils, but i think it’s such a waste to use EOs on clothes.

oh and my itch?  ney. it’s still there.  wonder what’s causing it!