haul from iherb!

heh!  please indulge me and allow me to blabber on about my loots!  yes, i’m aware it does seem like i’m on a shopping spree recently, though they are generally household items and healthier alternatives to the commercial detergents.

my parent’s order from iherb arrived a couple of weeks ago, and take a look at the hauls!

Hauls from iherb.com!

Hauls from iherb.com!

Dr Bronner’s Soap! My cousin mentioned that I could open a shop! only 1 bottle is mine – the rest are for my parents and sis.

as you already know – I am switching all my hand wash to Dr Bronner’s cos’ it has less nasty chemicals.  My parents got the Rose Hemp and it smells really nice!  a little bubble gum like smell – in a good way.  Managed to convince my sis to change too and she got the eucalyptus and lavender.

Magesium Oil

Magesium Oil

i got magnesium oil for myself –  see link for what it’s supposed to help you with. for me, I mainly wanted to improve my sleep quality (cos’ i wake up an average of 3 times per night!) and boost my energy level cos’ I feel lethargic and sluggish at times.   I rub it to the base of my feet and the 2nd night I did it – I actually slept throught the entire night w/o waking up!!!

While on holiday I didn’t bring it but still managed to sleep well.  Back home, I was lazy to apply (cos’ I slept well on holiday so figured doesn’t hurt to skip it), and the past 2 nights – i woke about 3 -5 times.  Sigh.  Not quite sure if it’s cos’ I didn’t use the magnesium or the late afternoon coffee or the later nights i sleep.  probably a combination of all I suppose.

oh. you might like to know that you can use the magnesium oil as a deodorant!  they say to spray it directly on your arm pits, and smell-be-gone! Haven’t tried that yet since I still have my Soapwalla deodorant.

There’s also pet shampoo, dental floss and shaver blades – quite amazed at the range that iherb has!

Now I know why so many people love online shopping.  if done properly and at the right places, it yields a lot of cost savings than from buying retail!

oh.  only thing – this time round, the delivery took 2 whole weeks before it arrived.  maybe cos’ it’s was during the new year?