the hb laughed heartily AT me!

this evening while I was watching TV, the hb walked over, looked at what I was doing and started laughing.

you know the uncontrollable ‘i can’t believe what you are doing’ laugh?  yeah.  that kind of laugh.

cos’ I was sitting at the sofa….folding these I got from Vietnam

bunch of washed tea towels

bunch of washed tea towels

into these

folded tea towels!

folded tea towels!

i knew what he was thinking…probably along the lines of ‘wah. you got nothing better to do?’   sigh.  the ridicule I have to put up with – while trying to be more environmentally friendly!  anyhow, I’m starting this small experiment to see if I can reduce my reliance on paper towels to be more environmentally friendly.  it does seem wasteful to throw the paper towels just to wipe my face or bowls and plates.

paper towels are still indispensable though! like clearing shit from the floor when my cat decides she doesn’t like the litter tray (I say cat when i have cats cos’ really only one of them is super fussy.  she’s the princess), or when they puke out their hair balls (strangely looks like shit too!).  so let’s see how.  i hope i can make the switch!

oh, and here’s a photo that inspired me! the ladies in Hotel Nikko Saigon!

Hotel Nikko Saigon - the ladies' room!