yes floss – the thing you use between your teeth.

funny how it can even be interesting enought to warrant a blog post.  then again, i’m a geek. so….

all along I never knew there was any difference in flosses – after all, it’s just a string/thread.  how different can they be right?  and the price difference? I assume it was all just marketing and  branding.

One day, i absently minded bought the Oral B floss (despite its horrendous $6 price tag – probably a moment of weakness) and boy oh boy! Was I super surprised!  The floss was smooth, glided well between my teeth, and I didn’t get any ‘floss cuts’!  Yup, I actually get floss cuts from wrapping the floss so tightly round my fingers as the usual dental floss that I use are hard to get between the teeth and i need more grip.

so here are some of the dental floss i have used, and Oral B’s the best out of the three.  It’s close to $6 each at Watson/Guardian, and I am sooo happy to have found a much cheaper source!  $6 for TWO – at the supermarket near my home.  heh.  now i can happily continue to use good floss!

dental floss review

dental floss that i tried!


Eco Dent Gentle Floss and Pearlie White are basically about the same.  Both were difficult to get in between the teeth and a few times, the floss got stuck and i got slightly worried cos’ it was VERY difficult to get it out and I could feel tension on my teeth when it gets stuck – not a good thing for floss to be doing that.  I also got floss cuts on my fingers cos’ it can be difficult to floss especially around the molars and I think i wrapped the floss to tightly around my fingers. heh.  I bought Eco Dent from iherb and Pearlie White from Guardian / Watsons.  sadly both don’t work so great for me.

Oral B’s the best! smooth, glides well between the teeth and I actually use less cos’ I don’t need so much thread to wrap around my finger for grip!

Ta-dA! review of dental floss.  yes – boring old geeky me. but hey! just in case you planning to buy some – now you know which is better!