Re/Upcycled (pretty!) glass bottles

call me paranoid – these days, I try to reduce the exposure to plastics in the house cos’ I don’t think it’s healthy to have food I’m going to ingest touching the plastic all the time.

of course, there is the usual route of  ‘go buy new glass containers’ and I either can’t find nice ones or the decent looking ones – i just didn’t want to pay cos’ it wasn’t exactly what I wanted anyway.

so one day i was packing my cupboard, and I came across a nice glass container I had tucked away in a corner, and hey! that could be my new cold water jar! just need to get rid of the sticker (though on hindsight – it does make the container prettier – ah well).


Reused pretty glass bottle as my

pretty glass bottle – recycled!:) 

okay – if you are as anal as me – you probably want EVERY single bit of sticker wiped off cleaned!  for small surfaces, you could use rubbing alcohol, but for such a large surface, it’s cheaper AND way easier – to first soak the label.

I filled a tray with water and lay the bottle – label side down.  After 5 to 10 mins, the label comes off pretty easily.  and definitely helps to have a scrub sponge!  THE easiest way to remove the label.  rubbing alcohol took way too much elbow grease and time!

so ta-da! my new water jar!  haven’t used it yet cos’ I need to scrub the insides first!


You know sometimes you buy certain products cos’ of the packaging? So I got this starbucks Frappuccino one time I need a caffeine boost.  and while it was too sweet for my liking – I got a nice bottle to store my condensed milk!  Exactly right sized for a can!:)  and pretty too don’t you think?:)  I left the label on cos’ I like it.:)


Pretty Starbucks Coffee Glass – now used to store my condensed milk instead of using plastic tupperware (which i think isn’t BPA free). 

my mum had a lovely glass bottle and couldn’t bear to throw it away – so she passed it to me.  Normally I don’t add stuff to my home, but it was pretty and unique – so I held onto it…and it was uber useful to store my vanilla sugar!:)

upcycled coffee bottle

i love this unique glass bottle! 

ta-da!  hope this inspires you to reuse the pretty glass bottles!

glass bottles are better for our health (though you have to be careful cos the glass bits are dangerous in the unfortunate event it drops – esp the small pieces which are almost invisible and can hurt badly!  so for a kid filled house, wouldn’t recommend it!), visually more appealing (for me at least), environmentally friendly and makes your wallet heavier for you to spend on more meaningful stuff!