guess what I’m going to do with these!

as you might know, i’m not so pleased with the my DIY shampoo attemps, and the more natural shampoo – i don’t quite like cos’ it doesn’t lather well.

and  in my attempts for other recipes, I read that actually diluted castille soap is not great for the hair cos’ it’s too alkaine. ditto for the baking soda and water.  and the other day i smelt the hb scalp.  let’s just say it’s not so good. hee.

aloe vera leaf

aloe vera leaf that I bought from cold storage cos’ i happened to be in the area.  It’s available at NTUC – probably cheaper there!

so I found another simple recipe –

  • 3 tbsps of aloe vera gel
  • 1/4 cup coconut milk

what can i say – i love to keep things simple – so much easier that way!

pure coconut kernel extract

pure coconut kernel extract.  i generally don’t like the smell of coconut, but this was heavenly!  then i conclude – i probably don’t like the artifical coconut smells.  the real deal? thick and rich – smells darn good!


1. cut aloe vera leaf.  here’s a link on the safest way to cut! the videos i watched were super scary the way they handle the knife!  PLEASE be careful with the knife since the aloe vera is slimy and it can get slippery and easy to get cut!

2. blend the aloe vera in a blender

3. use the amount you need

4. keep the rest of the aloe vera in the freezer (I poured it into an extra ice cube tray)

5. mix the 3 TBSP of aloe vera gel and 1/4 cup of coconut milk

6. store in fridge when not in use.  probably can last about a week?

as usual, will test and update!


UPDATE @ 19 Feb 2013

sigh.  seems like i’m fighting a losing battle with my own DIY shampoo!

smells heavenly cos’ of the coconut milk, but boy – does it make my thin fine hair greasy.  It does make the hair soft though….soft AND greasy.  so didn’t pass this for the hb to guinea pig on.

I did give him a ice-cube of the pure aloe vera gel to wash his hair with….and he said it was slimy/oily.  I smelt his scalp…and hmm…it may be the aloe vera smell or his scalp.  either way. not so great.

more research to go!