the thing I can’t live without these days!!

This Chinese Lunar New Year is a little strange – rains like mad (I’ll actually ok with that!  weather’s much cooler though I’m glad the sun’s coming out a bit more these days cos’ it helps in drying the clothes!), and there seems to be tons of burning!  It’s strange cos’ I thought burning is usually restricted to the Ghost month?


Add to that – there seems to be a new resident smoker in my block.  every other day – there is cigarette smoke wafting into my home.  There are several kinds – some the ‘usual’ cigarette smoke smell, and others downright vile!  The vile one has this really really heavy, immediate-headache-inducing suffocating stench.  Well, I get both.

I’m a little upset cos i’m not good with smoke and literally feel suffocated by the smoke.  It’s gets hard to breathe and I get a headache.  I’m can live with the paper-burning cos’ it’s a custom for some people and it’s once a few months.   What I’m upset with is the cigarette smoke!  and almost every day!  Please.  I have windows and I wish to open them.  Go smoke in an enclosed room and douse yourself with your own smoke – I don’t want any of it.

So now whenever I smell burning, I will close my windows.  though the pesky smoke seems to lingers and even becomes stronger!   Luckily, I have two wonderful machines at home!  definitely not state-of-the-art, but it does the work decently.

air purifiers - my life saviours!

air purifiers – my life saviours!  the honeywell was my dad’s old one.  buttons are spoilt, but dad managed to fix it partially and it works on medium speed when you plug the power in.   The europace was one I bought several years ago cos’ of the haze. 

the honeywell was my dad’s old one and i bought the europace several years ago.  it was one of the least expensive purifier with carbon filter – the carbon filter is important to tackle the smoke / soot smell.  Just yesterday, I ‘purified’ my room and when I went to the toilet, there was this heavy smoke smell.  I switched on the honeywell for about 5 mins and the smell was significantly reduced!

so yes.  I am uberly grateful for my purifiers!!!:)