yes…i succumbed. call me shallow.

this evening, i succumbed.  despite my strongest efforts for a few months to rein in my desire – I could no longer fight it.

well, this evening grocery shopping trip revealed just how easily manipulated i am by a colorful, pretty, cheerful and rather unique (and slightly discounted)… soap pump!!!

yes yes. so anti-climax right! you might have been expecting shoes, clothes or a nice expensive leather handbag?  hahaha…strangely, those don’t tug my heart-strings as much as items that pretty up the house! 🙂

so…..ta-da!  my Method soap pump which i am going to use FOREVER!  I promise to refill you (with non-method dish soap cos’ I’m cheap that way) and look after you till the end of your day (okay – so not forever, i lied.  but as long as I can!)

my new Method dish soap!

my new Method dish soap! so pretty ain’t it! and i finally managed to find a use for the beer bottle!  loving this corner now cos’ of all the colors!  orchids are amazing sturdy!  these few stalks lasted me almost 2 weeks!

i was at NTUC Finest and found myself once again looking forlornly at the Method soap dispenser cos’ i could not justify to myself paying four times more (!) for dish soap …and then at the corner of my eye – i spotted… $2 discount!!   immediately, giddy like a school girl – i lovingly  picked it up, turned to the hb and said ‘can buy pls?’ and i don’t blame him for that ‘aiyoh’ look!  and in it went into the shopping trolley!

so drama right.  ahahha…pent up desire lah.  well, at least for $6.95 – i am now one happy girl (or ‘aunty’ if you so wish to call me that – i admit it myself!)