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yes floss – the thing you use between your teeth. funny how it can even be interesting enought to warrant a blog post.  then again, i’m a geek. so…. all along I never knew… Continue reading


I came to know about SuKin from a friend who recommended it cos’ of its natural ingredients.  While its deodorant didn’t work for me, I have been slowly testing some of their other products… Continue reading

Malki Black Mud Mask Soap

It’s hard to buy my dad presents cos’ the things he loves are gadgets and electronic stuff….and I know nuts about them.  My eyes go a dead blank when my dad enthusiastically tells… Continue reading

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap!

remember a few months ago I was writing about a pretty red dispenser that I bought, but smelt really bad when I poured in the hand soap? I googled and the only explanation… Continue reading

on the smelly topic of….deordorants!

ok…i’m gonna share with you something embrassing…. my smelly pits!  sorry to gross you..but it’s a real stinky issue that I have to deal with – especially with the warm humid weather here… Continue reading

thankful for everything.

sorry for the lack of posts recently! was busy settling the kitchen and was pre occuppied with selling the equipment, settling rental stuff, logistics of moving stuff back home, etc.  plus being the… Continue reading

CD Baby

A couple of days ago – i stumbled upon a website by David Sivers and LOVED LOVED LOVED his animation! this is just one of the many cute ones! Essentially the videos on… Continue reading

Pimples! My way of tackling them!

this will be one of my rambles on skin care – one of my favourite topics! I have been blessed with a relatively pimple/acne free complexion (save for a recent memory of a horrible… Continue reading

soap dispenser – you may wanna note if you are buying a metal pump one!

i was on the hunt for a soap dispenser for a couple of months.   before, i always thought it was strange why one would need a soap dispenser – after all, the… Continue reading

Cleaning Your iMAC Keyboard

I love my iMac keyboard – the white clean streamline look, the soothing ‘clicking’ sound while you are typing away and also the ease and comfort with its ‘flat-ness’… if you know what… Continue reading

Body Soap!

a couple of months ago, i had a persistent albeit mild itch on my arms, and though i had an allergy to something I’ve eaten (I have an averse reaction to peanuts….more on… Continue reading

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