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Re/Upcycled (pretty!) glass bottles

call me paranoid – these days, I try to reduce the exposure to plastics in the house cos’ I don’t think it’s healthy to have food I’m going to ingest touching the plastic… Continue reading

hair treatment mask!

my hair’s feels scratchy dry lately and been curling all over the place. so i decided to do a simple hair treatment mask. and given my recent ‘DIY instead of buying commercial stuff’,… Continue reading

DIY shampoo

Just the other day – the hb mentioned that he felt the shampoo I ‘made’ for him (essentially just diluted Dr Bronner Lavender castille soap) didn’t work so well, and he felt that… Continue reading

Lip Balm for super cheap!

i suppose you know the feeling when you fly – lips start to become dry or crack due to the dry cabin air and you desperately need that tube of lip balm to… Continue reading

the hb laughed heartily AT me!

this evening while I was watching TV, the hb walked over, looked at what I was doing and started laughing. you know the uncontrollable ‘i can’t believe what you are doing’ laugh? ¬†yeah.… Continue reading

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