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yes…i succumbed. call me shallow.

this evening, i succumbed.  despite my strongest efforts for a few months to rein in my desire – I could no longer fight it. well, this evening grocery shopping trip revealed just how… Continue reading

medicine for upset tummy and a whiter smile?? plus something for dog lovers at the end of the post!

Tummy’s not feeling for the past couple of days and i was glad that I bought some medicinal charcoal a week ago. heh. i shall confess. i bought the charcoal NOT in anticipation of the… Continue reading

guess what I’m going to do with these!

as you might know, i’m not so pleased with the my DIY shampoo attemps, and the more natural shampoo – i don’t quite like cos’ it doesn’t lather well. and  in my attempts… Continue reading

Re/Upcycled (pretty!) glass bottles

call me paranoid – these days, I try to reduce the exposure to plastics in the house cos’ I don’t think it’s healthy to have food I’m going to ingest touching the plastic… Continue reading

hair treatment mask!

my hair’s feels scratchy dry lately and been curling all over the place. so i decided to do a simple hair treatment mask. and given my recent ‘DIY instead of buying commercial stuff’,… Continue reading

Lip Balm for super cheap!

i suppose you know the feeling when you fly – lips start to become dry or crack due to the dry cabin air and you desperately need that tube of lip balm to… Continue reading

itchy itchy itchy!

these past few days I’ve been plagued by a horrendous itch! and i suspect it’s the sweet potatoes I’ve been eating.  not a 100% sure, but that’s the only difference since the itch started –… Continue reading

Super Cheap Window Cleaner!

So last night after midnight, brain still on a high from a late afternoon caffeine dose – I saw my toilet mirror splattered with stains…water marks from flickering hands, splash marks from toothpaste… Continue reading

simple homemade cure for headaches! almost instant relief!

An instant cure for headaches!  who knew that the secret is just residing in ingredients from our kitchen??? and it even beat a fancy cream that has more than a dozen ingredients! You… Continue reading

Inexpensive ways to decorate and pretty-up your home!

I love my home and I spend a great deal of time in it. As I spend much time at home, it is important to me to make it as comfortable and cosy… Continue reading

home made hair gel

my sis-in-law made a simple DIY hair gel months ago, and gave us a bottle. ‘oh?  you made it yourself?’ was my initial surprised response.  In this age and time – normally we… Continue reading

Pimples! My way of tackling them!

this will be one of my rambles on skin care – one of my favourite topics! I have been blessed with a relatively pimple/acne free complexion (save for a recent memory of a horrible… Continue reading

Genius household tips that almost don’t cost you anything!

gosh, I just came across this article online – and am amazed at how ingenious the ideas are! If you are into eco friendly ideas, and cleaning in general – this might interest… Continue reading

Cleaning Your iMAC Keyboard

I love my iMac keyboard – the white clean streamline look, the soothing ‘clicking’ sound while you are typing away and also the ease and comfort with its ‘flat-ness’… if you know what… Continue reading

How To Get Rid Of That Sticky Residue After You Peel Off The Price Tag Off A Book.

Okay, if you have as itchy fingers like me and can’t help peeling off the price tag off a book – and are left with a mess of sticky residue and remnants of label… Continue reading

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