I came to know about SuKin from a friend who recommended it cos’ of its natural ingredients.  While its deodorant didn’t work for me, I have been slowly testing some of their other products… Continue reading

the hb laughed heartily AT me!

this evening while I was watching TV, the hb walked over, looked at what I was doing and started laughing. you know the uncontrollable ‘i can’t believe what you are doing’ laugh?  yeah.… Continue reading

haul from iherb!

heh!  please indulge me and allow me to blabber on about my loots!  yes, i’m aware it does seem like i’m on a shopping spree recently, though they are generally household items and… Continue reading

See what greeted me when I came home from Vietnam!

oh yes! before I forget – this was what greeted me when I came home from Vietnam!  beautiful ain’t it!  sooooo many flowering buds! so pretty. What a lovely lovely sight – to… Continue reading

the BEST laundry solution for me so far!

a few years ago, my dad bought me a laundry ball.  supposedly you  throw the ball into your laundry sans detergent, and it would well…do your laundry.  only thing? it didn’t do it… Continue reading

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!

Over the weekend, my sis, the hb and I flew to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for a short holiday. We didn’t go for any city / historical / educational tour – so it… Continue reading

i love my plants!

I never quite considered myself a person with green fingers.  In fact, I always thought that I wasn’t so great with plants cos’ for the very few times I had plants – they… Continue reading

itchy itchy itchy!

these past few days I’ve been plagued by a horrendous itch! and i suspect it’s the sweet potatoes I’ve been eating.  not a 100% sure, but that’s the only difference since the itch started –… Continue reading


the hb, sis and I are heading to Vietnam for a short weekend trip soon and my sis being the one pulling it all together – sent me some info on travel insurance,… Continue reading

toxics in our daily products and an easy way to change

over the past few months – i slowly but surely embarked on a quest to become healthier – in terms of the things I use in my house. many reasons – big and… Continue reading

DIY soap dispenser!

Was totally inspired by a beautiful DIY soap dispenser I saw yesterday – a Jack Daniel’s bottle, transformed into a soap pump!  beautiful isn’t it! and i managed to do one myself!  ain’t… Continue reading

tiring fun day

Today the hb and I cycled to a flower shop near our home and got a bigger pot for our plant, more soil and a lipstick.  Yup, you read it right – we… Continue reading

Super Cheap Window Cleaner!

So last night after midnight, brain still on a high from a late afternoon caffeine dose – I saw my toilet mirror splattered with stains…water marks from flickering hands, splash marks from toothpaste… Continue reading

Malki Black Mud Mask Soap

It’s hard to buy my dad presents cos’ the things he loves are gadgets and electronic stuff….and I know nuts about them.  My eyes go a dead blank when my dad enthusiastically tells… Continue reading

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap!

remember a few months ago I was writing about a pretty red dispenser that I bought, but smelt really bad when I poured in the hand soap? I googled and the only explanation… Continue reading

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