simple homemade cure for headaches! almost instant relief!

An instant cure for headaches!  who knew that the secret is just residing in ingredients from our kitchen??? and it even beat a fancy cream that has more than a dozen ingredients! You… Continue reading

Christmas is coming!!!

weeeee!!!  Christmas is coming, and gosh – I am exhausted already!   been baking the past few days for family and friends, and boy-oh-boy – now I get reminded of how tiring mass… Continue reading

on the smelly topic of….deordorants!

ok…i’m gonna share with you something embrassing…. my smelly pits!  sorry to gross you..but it’s a real stinky issue that I have to deal with – especially with the warm humid weather here… Continue reading

happy *blissful smile*

it’s been a while since I last baked for orders  (since I had closed the brownie business) and recently took an order cos’ I was free and I just received an SMS from the… Continue reading

Inexpensive ways to decorate and pretty-up your home!

I love my home and I spend a great deal of time in it. As I spend much time at home, it is important to me to make it as comfortable and cosy… Continue reading

thankful for everything.

sorry for the lack of posts recently! was busy settling the kitchen and was pre occuppied with selling the equipment, settling rental stuff, logistics of moving stuff back home, etc.  plus being the… Continue reading


Originally posted on Pure Nourishment:
After some time you learn the difference, The subtle difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul. And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning, And company…

awwww man!

okay – this is a quick ‘awwww man’ rant! just a few days ago – I was talking about pimples – and now I have a new one again – right under my… Continue reading

CD Baby

A couple of days ago – i stumbled upon a website by David Sivers and LOVED LOVED LOVED his animation! this is just one of the many cute ones! Essentially the videos on… Continue reading

home made hair gel

my sis-in-law made a simple DIY hair gel months ago, and gave us a bottle. ‘oh?  you made it yourself?’ was my initial surprised response.  In this age and time – normally we… Continue reading

Pimples! My way of tackling them!

this will be one of my rambles on skin care – one of my favourite topics! I have been blessed with a relatively pimple/acne free complexion (save for a recent memory of a horrible… Continue reading



ah bai – one of my 2 darling cats that make me happy every single day. kekee….couldn’t help put a price tag on him – priceless!:)


this post is to rant – so please bear with me cos’ i am hoping that after I pen my thoughts – they can ‘escape’ somewhere and allow me to sleep better at… Continue reading

Genius household tips that almost don’t cost you anything!

gosh, I just came across this article online – and am amazed at how ingenious the ideas are! If you are into eco friendly ideas, and cleaning in general – this might interest… Continue reading

soap dispenser – you may wanna note if you are buying a metal pump one!

i was on the hunt for a soap dispenser for a couple of months.   before, i always thought it was strange why one would need a soap dispenser – after all, the… Continue reading

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