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guess what I’m going to do with these!

as you might know, i’m not so pleased with the my DIY shampoo attemps, and the more natural shampoo – i don’t quite like cos’ it doesn’t lather well. and  in my attempts… Continue reading

hair treatment mask!

my hair’s feels scratchy dry lately and been curling all over the place. so i decided to do a simple hair treatment mask. and given my recent ‘DIY instead of buying commercial stuff’,… Continue reading

Recycling / Upcycling?

so I have a bottle of wonderful smelling yet ineffective deodorant.   seems like a waste to throw the bottle away cos’ it smells really good.  so i kept it around for a… Continue reading

DIY shampoo

Just the other day – the hb mentioned that he felt the shampoo I ‘made’ for him (essentially just diluted Dr Bronner Lavender castille soap) didn’t work so well, and he felt that… Continue reading

Lip Balm for super cheap!

i suppose you know the feeling when you fly – lips start to become dry or crack due to the dry cabin air and you desperately need that tube of lip balm to… Continue reading

toxics in our daily products and an easy way to change

over the past few months – i slowly but surely embarked on a quest to become healthier – in terms of the things I use in my house. many reasons – big and… Continue reading

DIY soap dispenser!

Was totally inspired by a beautiful DIY soap dispenser I saw yesterday – a Jack Daniel’s bottle, transformed into a soap pump!  beautiful isn’t it! and i managed to do one myself!  ain’t… Continue reading

simple homemade cure for headaches! almost instant relief!

An instant cure for headaches!  who knew that the secret is just residing in ingredients from our kitchen??? and it even beat a fancy cream that has more than a dozen ingredients! You… Continue reading

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