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haul from iherb!

heh!  please indulge me and allow me to blabber on about my loots!  yes, i’m aware it does seem like i’m on a shopping spree recently, though they are generally household items and… Continue reading

itchy itchy itchy!

these past few days I’ve been plagued by a horrendous itch! and i suspect it’s the sweet potatoes I’ve been eating.  not a 100% sure, but that’s the only difference since the itch started –… Continue reading

toxics in our daily products and an easy way to change

over the past few months – i slowly but surely embarked on a quest to become healthier – in terms of the things I use in my house. many reasons – big and… Continue reading

Food Allergies!

shoot me please. i spent more than an hour preparing for a new post and in my rush to meet a friend, did the silliest thing – I shut down my PC without… Continue reading

Body Soap!

a couple of months ago, i had a persistent albeit mild itch on my arms, and though i had an allergy to something I’ve eaten (I have an averse reaction to peanuts….more on… Continue reading

Skin! Ecezma.

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body? I have to admit that I am one lucky gal – I have been blessed with good (face) skin for most… Continue reading

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