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yes…i succumbed. call me shallow.

this evening, i succumbed.  despite my strongest efforts for a few months to rein in my desire – I could no longer fight it. well, this evening grocery shopping trip revealed just how… Continue reading

the thing I can’t live without these days!!

This Chinese Lunar New Year is a little strange – rains like mad (I’ll actually ok with that!  weather’s much cooler though I’m glad the sun’s coming out a bit more these days… Continue reading

the hb laughed heartily AT me!

this evening while I was watching TV, the hb walked over, looked at what I was doing and started laughing. you know the uncontrollable ‘i can’t believe what you are doing’ laugh?  yeah.… Continue reading

the BEST laundry solution for me so far!

a few years ago, my dad bought me a laundry ball.  supposedly you  throw the ball into your laundry sans detergent, and it would well…do your laundry.  only thing? it didn’t do it… Continue reading

Super Cheap Window Cleaner!

So last night after midnight, brain still on a high from a late afternoon caffeine dose – I saw my toilet mirror splattered with stains…water marks from flickering hands, splash marks from toothpaste… Continue reading

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap!

remember a few months ago I was writing about a pretty red dispenser that I bought, but smelt really bad when I poured in the hand soap? I googled and the only explanation… Continue reading

thankful for everything.

sorry for the lack of posts recently! was busy settling the kitchen and was pre occuppied with selling the equipment, settling rental stuff, logistics of moving stuff back home, etc.  plus being the… Continue reading

Genius household tips that almost don’t cost you anything!

gosh, I just came across this article online – and am amazed at how ingenious the ideas are! If you are into eco friendly ideas, and cleaning in general – this might interest… Continue reading

soap dispenser – you may wanna note if you are buying a metal pump one!

i was on the hunt for a soap dispenser for a couple of months.   before, i always thought it was strange why one would need a soap dispenser – after all, the… Continue reading

Food Allergies!

shoot me please. i spent more than an hour preparing for a new post and in my rush to meet a friend, did the silliest thing – I shut down my PC without… Continue reading

Cleaning Your iMAC Keyboard

I love my iMac keyboard – the white clean streamline look, the soothing ‘clicking’ sound while you are typing away and also the ease and comfort with its ‘flat-ness’… if you know what… Continue reading

How To Get Rid Of That Sticky Residue After You Peel Off The Price Tag Off A Book.

Okay, if you have as itchy fingers like me and can’t help peeling off the price tag off a book – and are left with a mess of sticky residue and remnants of label… Continue reading

Quote by William Morris

Hello world!

woot!  finally I got myself down to creating a (new) blog – to write about things and stuff I love! I am always excited whenever I find a good product or gadget or well… Continue reading

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